The Top Four Qualities Of CNC Machined Parts

3ERP is one of the best companies for machining parts and an expert in the CNC machining industry. 3ERP uses some of the best advanced equipment to offer high-quality services. Quality in-house equipment is used for manufacturing and product testing. All products manufactured by 3ERP are tested and inspected before they are dispatched to the clients. The company also offers a fast turnaround. This post discusses the qualities and characteristics of CNC machined parts.

Characteristics of CNC machined parts

CNC machining is one of the most preferred subtractive manufacturing techniques. Below are some top qualities of CNC machined products;

1. Impressive quality

One of the primary reasons machined CNC parts are popular is their impeccable quality. The production process is mainly automated. The less human input, the fewer the errors, and vice versa. In CNC machining, the cutting tools are machine-operated. A CAD model is created with all the machines’ geometric elements and design qualities. The CAD model is then converted into a file format the machine can translate. From there, the process is programmed and automated.

The products also go through finishing processes to enhance their quality. However, this does not mean that there are no risks that could affect the quality of the parts. For instance, any mistakes in the CAD model design could significantly affect the quality of the parts. Any machine errors, structural or computer errors, could significantly affect the product quality.

2. Flexibility and adaptability

CNC machined components are known for their flexibility. This means that they can be applied in various industries for varying purposes. It also helps that CNC machining allows manufacturers to use various materials. There are also different CNC machining processes, allowing limitless production. This allows for increased flexibility.

On the other hand, parts manufactured through CNC machining are also highly adaptable. The application of various materials also contributes to this element. From various metals to plastic and other materials, there are unlimited options. The products can be applied in various situations and conditions.

3. High precision

CNC machined parts also boast high precision. Remember that CNC machining is a precision manufacturing technique. CNC production processes produce the most precise products. The process starts with creating a blueprint featuring all the product’s design details. A converted version is then used to program a machine. The automated machine takes care of all the production. CNC machines can achieve various design elements that other production techniques cannot. CNC turned parts are exceptionally high precision as you can use multiple-axis machines.

4. Affordability

Parts manufactured through CNC machining are also affordable. This is because the process is cheap to accomplish. For instance, it does not require a lot of human input. You need an operator to get the machine going and monitor the progress. Note this eliminates the high labor costs for manufacturing. The processes are also repeatable and automated. This promotes fast production. In the manufacturing industry, time is money.


The qualities of CNC machined parts may differ depending on the CNC machining process applied. For instance, CNC turned parts differ in surface quality and precision from CNC milled parts.