Setting Up Home Theatre with Bluetooth Movie Projector

The term home theatre sounds exciting. This imagination of getting a cinematic feel while sitting in your favorite corner in comfy PJs and munching on tantalizing snacks is euphoric.

Thanks to the wonderful options making it super easy for us to live this dream of a home cinema.

However, for setting one at home, you will have to meet the prerequisites to make it work the right way. You will have to consider working on several factors to get the real feel, for example, essential devices like a bluetooth projector.

This exciting blog post is the ultimate answer to all your inquisitive queries regarding setting up a home theatre. Get glued to the post to learn more about getting a personal cinema at home.

Dig into your Space

Before stepping out for shopping equipment or surfing uncountable pages online, the foremost thing you should do is to examine your place. Decide on the area where you wish to set up the mini theatre. Select a suitable wall designated for display. Check on the lightning. The display wall shouldn’t be receiving ample light. The presentation will be tremendous if the wall is more on the darker side.

Ensure the room’s capacity according to the average number of people enjoying the screen time. If the room is capacious enough to house a snack bar, tables, couches, or cushions, it’s more like a cherry on the top.

Choose The Right Equipment

If you wish to have a home theatre resonating with the professional ones, purchase suitable devices. The VANKYO 495W Dolby Audio projector is the perfect pick. Since cinemas and projectors go side by side, primary emphasis is being laid on projectors.

The projector mentioned above is astoundingly great. Although laced with many incredible features, Bluetooth is the game changer. This feature enables a clean and clear, hassle-free arrangement. All you have to do is to connect the projector to your device because of the Bluetooth and get going!

The Bluetooth makes sure to amuse you with a cinematic sound and vivid display. It can almost make you forget that you are in a home theatre, not a real cinema. This projector is equipped with 5.1 Bluetooth, which is super precise and accurate.

Determination of the Content and Sound System

The nature of content matters a lot. Projectors do not usually support different ways you watch your content. So, find a compatible projector that is supportive enough for you to manage content.

The Bluetooth projector is good enough with the in-built sound characteristic. However, for a more cinematic effect, you can add external speakers for clear sound and a better experience.

Some Other Essentials

Always inspect your budget before practically indulging in buying. It’s better to work on a buying plan for setting up a home theatre. Other than the projector, buy other devices such as speakers, screen, ceiling mount, cables, mount or shelf for the projector and other peripheral accessories.

Connect the pieces that need connectivity for the theatre to start. Set up the screen and projector. Check on the content and sound, and you are almost there!


How incredible is it seeing the human race coming up to the point where we can bring anything, literally anything, and experience home! If you are a couch potato and a movie freak, don’t worry, you have brought the easiest way to set up a mini home theatre with a massive real feel. Get your hands on the perfect device like a Bluetooth projector after sorting the space.

The beaming projector with wireless connectivity is solely responsible for giving you those home cinema vibes.