Free FUT Coins – The Best Way to Get Coins Fast

To play the FIFA soccer game efficiently, your experience does not matter. The only thing that matters is the FIFA coins because this is the one thing that helps you move forward the most. If you have enough FIFA coins, you can make an excellent team of players that comprise high-rank players or even your favorite ones, no matter how much they cost. There are only two ways to make coins; one is that you can purchase this digital FIFA currency with real money, or you can earn free fifa coins with different methods.

In this post, you will read about some of the most used methods and techniques that will earn you more and quick free FUT coins. So, read till the end, and then try some of these to increase your FIFA wallet with some coins!

The bronze and silver pack method

This method of earning coins is the most underrated method. In this, you just have to load the ultimate team and then press enter after going to the store. In the next step, you will find and click on the “classic pack” option. After buying many premium silver and bronze packs, list them in the market. Now it’s time for you to wait patiently and see when they will sell out and give you your share of the profit. Although it is a very simple method, it has proven to be very effective time and time again.

Play Squad Battles and Division Rivals

Most people will not take this seriously when it is said that playing will earn you the quickest, most fun, and easy coins. If you play at least 10-15 matches each week from different modes available, there is a hundred percent chance that you will be rewarded with amazing packs and a ton of FIFA coins at the week’s end. And for example, if there are an average of bad players in the pack, it’s still a win because your rank is constantly increasing, which will result in a good number of coins.

Look And Claim for Special Free Packs

EA Sports is known for its collaborations with other large brands, which makes them drop some very special and amazing free packs. Some of these offers are released occasionally, while others are more frequent. There are quite good players available in some of the packs. All you have to do is get a subscription to the collaborated company, which is mostly free or cheap to get those packs. Later you can sell these players for a handsome amount.

Buy Cheap Meta Players and Silvers

At the very beginning of the game, meta players are bought to make the players better, but they are usually costly. All you have to do is search the market for low-cost and most OP players. Then buy using a filter, calculate the average price and look for players that fit this low budget to buy them. Finally, sell them at the price you think is perfect. For finding cheap silver, the method is almost the same.

Final word

The above-given methods are all very effective and easy from the point of earning coins in the FIFA soccer game. There are many more other methods to earn coins too. If any of these above-stated methods do not suit you, you can always try the other ones, which include trading, SBC challenges, buying high-rated cards as well as low-rated special cards, etc. Happy gaming!