iOS 15 review: Forget quantity, Focus on quality

Every year, Apple releases a major update to its operating systems for the iPhone and iPad that sets the stage for a year of changes to come.  This year, iOS 15 brings new FaceTime...

New Yubico security keys let you use fingerprints instead of passwords

Security experts have long abhorred passwords. They’re hackable, forgettable, and, sometimes, guessable (looking at you, password1). As companies like Microsoft and Google move to embrace password-less logins, Yubico thinks it has the key to...

Surface Pro 8 review: The best Surface for people who love the Surface

Microsoft needed three tries to get the Surface Pro right. The 2nd- and 3rd-generation models both improved aggressively on the first model's small screen and mediocre battery life, arriving at something that was laptop-y...