About Us Sentinel

Hello Kind People,

Thank you for visiting the Mark D House About Us page.

We are from North Sentinel Island. If you know that this is the most isolated place on earth, no aliens are allowed to visit our place. There are a total of 150 rangers who live on the island. We live on coconut, fish and reptile meat, and we communicate in the Sentinelese language.

You don’t understand our language, so it’s better not to come here. We use iron-tipped bows and arrows to receive tourists from around the world. We are very susceptible to disease, so it is better to leave us alone and live in peace and isolation. We don’t want to disturb you and disrupt your life, so you’d better not disturb us in life.

We just keep our world entertained through this website, bring joy to the island tribes. So if you let us have a happy life, we will be very grateful.

Jesus, Allah, God, everyone is looking at you. So have a sense of fear for them, come on your life and live. You will not take anything to heaven, everything will remain on earth.

Therefore, we ask you again to lead a happy life with your family and children, so that we can easily lead a happy and carefree life with our family and children.

God bless you and us!