4 Common Uses of Quality Linear Bearings

A linear bearing is a rolling-element or fluid-film device that reduces friction in motion systems. They are specifically applied where motion acts along straight or curved pathways. Unlike radical bearings, linear ones apply where the motion is not rotary. A quality linear bearing uses a pad, roller system, or bush to carry loads on rails. The rail does not have to be a straight line and can feature any length, depending on the actuator.

Uses of quality linear bearings

If you are in the industrial production sector, you are already used to the bearings. They have multiple applications, especially when assembling the machines. But are these bearings, especially the linear type, helpful to your devices? Linear bearings have numerous applications, and most of these applications are industrial. Below are some of the main ones and the benefits that come along.

Factory applications of linear bearings

Linear bearings are highly applied in all factories. They are fundamental elements of most machines used in factories. For instance, they can be found in factories, CNC machines, robot arms, and gantries. Linear bearings are excellent for factory machines because they can withstand large weights. Regardless of what the being supports or facilitates, you rest assured of effectiveness and simplified movements. They also help the machines perform precise movements and minimize friction. Linear bearings allow smaller motors to move heavy machines.

Food industry applications of linear bearings

Linear bearings are also frequently applied in the food and beverage sector. Industrial food production embraces a lot of machines that require perfect organization and assembling. Linear bearings in the food sector are used in transportation lines and weighing machines. More so, this industry requires bespoke linear bearing to meet specific health and safety requirements. One of the requirements is that the linear bearings withstand harsh conditions, especially temperatures. They also do not contaminate the external spaces.

Medical industry applications of linear bearings

Every medical machine must operate effectively to deliver the required results on time. Linear bearings are used in MRI sliding beds and other sensitive machines in the medical sector. Linear bearings help provide precision when running sensitive medical devices. X-ray machines also use linear bearings. That tells you that these bearings are reliable and highly effective.

Linear bearing applications in 3D printing

One of the standards and most common applications of linear bearings is in 3D printing. Besides 3D printing, linear bearings are also used in inkjet printers and flatbed scanners.

Take Note: It is worth mentioning that the applications of linear bearings are not limited to commercial applications. They also have several residential applications that most people do not recognize. However, they do have some specialized applications.


Besides the above applications, linear bearings are used in Cartesian robots and sliding doors. A quality linear bearing can handle up to 35 metric tons of average load. However, this depends on the type and specifications. Their applications also differ depending on the bearing type. You can find linear bearings for various applications on Alibaba. You will be surprised to see how cheap linear bearings are on Alibaba.com.